Management means making decisions and implementing actions to manage people, resources, and processes in complex environments and under conditions of uncertainty.

Management culture and values are inspired by the desire to improve lives.

To “Manage” means to manage with “care” activities, businesses, but also people, individuals; to inspire communities, to nurture everyday civic, social and economic progress, widespread happiness and well-being.

Management cuts across knowledge, functions, sectors, ecosystems.

Management is a universal and inclusive value, from the public to the private sector, from the professional to the student or scholar: we are all potentially managers!

To Manage means reflecting on the complexity of economic, social and human phenomena to experiment with courage, creativity and pragmatism innovative solutions.

We believe in the value of inspiration and talent, to tell and witness the best stories and examples in order to promote virtuous emulative processes.

Good Management means efficiency and effectiveness, thus pursuing a better future for our country and society.

The manager is not only a corporate figure linked to profit, but is a socially responsible person.

Let’s humanize management: the term “management” comes from the French word “manager,” which literally means “to lead with one’s hands”-a concrete act, a human gesture.

Management is passion, talent and development of creative thinking.

Spreading the culture of management means connecting the value of integrating different positions, ideas and passions, people, businesses, communities and territories in a sustainable development perspective.

We wish to help build a Community of Management Culturists, who each year meet, tell their stories and offer their skills, experiences and values in the service of modernization and development of the country and society.