why a festival about management?

Management science has traditionally fostered the belief that managers must manage human, tangible and intangible resources to generate high productivity and greater value.

We are convinced that management today is much more than that, because it is able to offer a practical, concrete, measurable contribution, improving the lives of all of us.

This Festival was therefore born with the desire to offer a new, unprecedented opportunity to tell the story of the values of management: a discipline that wants to open itself up to everyone, with an intrinsic plural spirit it leaves the worlds of academia and business to reach individuals and enrich them – thanks to its approaches and strategies – by improving their quality of life.

Management is thus enriched by its fundamental function of service, to the community and to the country.

And it is precisely its generalist vocation that has inspired the conception of a Festival: not a sector review, nor an appointment for experts, but an open and participatory event, where the public is the protagonist and has the opportunity to benefit from numerous contents through different languages: in-depth sessions, round tables, forums, but also exhibitions, installations, talks, contests…

...we are all managers!

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This first edition will give attention to issues of absolute importance for the economic and civil development of our country, such as the fight against the development of mafias in the economy, the managerial organisation of services for the protection of public health, energy transition the sustainable development of the territory and communities with attention to the new generations.

The objective is to spread and nurture the culture of management as a shared value and as a tool to counter mafia activity, innovate the public health system, and guide and support the ecological transition. With a view to improving the quality of life by making it safer and more complete.

in keywords


management culture by making it accessible to all


the public through stories, experiences, and testimonials of success


new creative development solutions


languages and approaches


the transversality of managerial talents


ideas and passions as well as skills and knowledge


people, businesses, communities and territories


through an innovative format of insight and entertainment

an inclusive, widespread, phygital event

The Festival of Management is not a specialized conference, nor an academic congress, but a festival open to all.
It is an open place for discussion and debate on the issues of management and business culture, an ideal agora of in-depth study but also of great entertainment.

Physical participation

Campus Bocconi, Milan

Phygital participation

fruition venues between physical and digital within of the Festival

Widespread participation

collateral events in partner universities (from Italy and abroad) connected to the festival

Digital participation

in streaming and via on-demand content on the platform

The study of the logo and brand identity of the Festival of Management went through a process of strong visual representation of the values of the event in which great importance was given to the “human” aspect of management. One of the core values of the Festival’s manifesto highlights precisely the transversality of management, its human dimension and its effectiveness in interconnecting individual experiences and skills.

The Festival of Management is a platform that facilitates connections: it is a box of experience and knowledge that demonstrates the importance of the contribution of management culture in different fields.

The logo thus represents management’s ability to “connect” and also the Festival’s goal of creating human connections.

Sectoral transversality, but also heterogeneity of professions and people: management connects everyone.

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